Information Security Analyst

               In recent days I’ve spotted many new hires from computer science asking me; what should I know about this field? What are the expected interview questions? For that, since everyone wants to know everything about information security. As an information security analyst myself I will include all career … Continue reading Information Security Analyst

Introduction to Big Data Lesson 1

  Objectives: What is Big Data? Why big data? ( reasons of having big data) 3 Vs of Big Data ( Volume- Velocity- Variety)   What is Big Data ? ( Arabic) (البيانات الضخمة ) هي عبارة عن مجموعة البيانات الضخمة جداً والمعقدة لدرجة أنه يُصبح من الصعب معالجتها باستخدام أداة واحدة فقط من أدوات إدارة … Continue reading Introduction to Big Data Lesson 1